What is a Mummy NCT?

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!
Your body goes through extraordinary changes during pregnancy, but once baby has arrived mums and their post natal bodies can easily slide to the bottom of the priority list…life is full-on with little people!

A lot of women recover well after pregnancy and child birth; but it is also very common for a lot of women to experience issues such as back, pelvic or hip pain and bladder or bowel problems such as urgency or incontinence. Sometimes returning to sex can be painful or women can have a sense that something is just not right ‘down there’. Not to mention the tummy muscles; weakness or muscle separation can also affect women post-natally. Whilst these complaints are all common, they shouldn’t just be accepted as ‘normal’ as each of these issues can be effectively treated.

With the Mummy MOT, our team of specialist Physiotherapists conduct a thorough post-natal assessment including checking your posture, function and movement, stomach muscles and pelvic floor strength and health. You will then receive a report of the findings together with a tailor made rehab program, that is safe and effective and will help you to get back to where you want be after the birth of your child.

We recommend that every post natal woman has a Mummy NCT. The ideal time for an assessment is 6 weeks after the birth of your baby, but we still often work with women who may be several years post-natal! The Mummy NCT can offer something for every post-natal woman. This revolution in the care of post-natal women can address common issues and prevent them from becoming life-long problems.

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