Healthy Ageing Assessment

Are you feeling like the years are catching up on you or, are you recovering from illness and finding it hard to “get going” again?

Age and illness are two situations where our confidence in our ability to use our body as we have in the past can be diminished. This can be for a variety of reasons including:

  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Loss of energy
  • Declining balance
  • Fear of certain movements or of falling
  • Loss of any function
  • Pain

It is important for us to remember that these reasons for decline are known to be reversible. With the appropriate exercise regime anyone, regardless of age, can improve their physical wellbeing and function. Getting older does not have to been getting frailer and more dependent. We have it within our control to a great extent to “reverse” the declines of ageing or to recover function more quickly after illness. Increasing our exercise and physical activity can do just that. In addition to keeping us independent and strong, exercise can considerably improve all aspects of our health.

Our Healthy Ageing Assessment is approximately one and a half hours long. We look at

  • Your health and wellbeing history
  • Your lifestyle
  • Any medication you may be on
  • Any concerns you may have
  • Your goals
  • How you are moving
  • Your general flexibility and strength
  • Your balance
  • How you are functioning relative to other people of your age

The simple tests we use will help to determine how well you are doing generally and will help decide what is causing your specific challenges. They also help us to determine if you are showing any signs of decline in function now or, if you are at risk of decline in functional ability as you get older.

With this information we can help you plan an appropriate, prescribed exercise regime to address your challenges. We can make recommendations on how you can incorporate essential exercise that you can enjoy (or at least tolerate!) into your lifestyle long term.

When you arrive in the clinic your assessment will be about one and a half hours. To start with, you will be invited for a chat about

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