Office Workers

Sedentary lifestyles and jobs can contribute to postural dysfunction and cause general aches and pains. It is common for many office workers, or for people who may have to sit a lot in their work, to complain of neck, shoulder and / or low back pain.

With prolonged static postures our trunk muscles can fatigue, our posture can change and the spinal column can then become exposed to unnecessary loading and this can often provoke pain and dysfunction.

For this reason it is recommended that we shouldn’t sit or stay in any one position for more than 20 to 40 minutes at a time. Quite simply our bodies are just not designed to be stationary or sedentary; we are designed to move.

By improving postural awareness, flexibility, motor control and strength a lot of our day-to-day aches and repetitive strains can be overcome. Clinical Pilates is increasingly becoming the treatment of choice to help address these ‘postural dysfunctions’ and for people who generally want to avoid such aches and pains.

At Pilates Physiotherapy Cork we incorporate postural re-education and ergonomic advice into all of our work.