Healthy Ageing

We are all familiar with sayings such as “if you don’t use it, you lose it!” or “motion is lotion” and in essence, there is a lot of truth in these expressions. At Pilates Physiotherapy Cork we are also used to hearing clients often attribute their aches and pains to “just old age” or “wear and tear” and we are regularly asked “what else could I expect at my age?”.

By educating and informing people about current research and tailoring lifestyle and exercise recommendations to individual requirements and goals, clients can be guided on what best they can do now to invest in their body and quality of life for the future. The truth is we can accomplish great things as we grow older and just because we age, we don’t have to just accept all aches and pains as a ‘normal’ part of the process.

Our specialist Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced at working with older clients who are keen to remain active, fit and conditioned and who are passionate about healthy ageing.

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