Chronic Pain

Persistent or chronic pain often behaves quite differently to acute pain.  What we know understand from modern pain science is that this type of pain can be associated with a sensitised nervous system and that pain does not in fact correlate with damage.  Pain can lead us to develop protective patterns and ways of moving and breathing which can be unhelpful in the long term.  Unfortunately, persistent pain frequently leads to reduced activity and fitness, low mood, poor sleep patterns all of which further contribute to more pain so it can become a viscous cycle. 

 To break that cycle, we need to begin to understand pain better and look at what factors are influencing the pain.  This often incorporates retraining normal movement patterns, learning relaxation and pacing and taking positive steps to reverse the negative cycle to rebuild strength and fitness once more.  Its important to look at our attitudes around pain and injury and look at building confidence in our ability to return to the activities that we find meaningful.  We have expert physiotherapists in the clinic who have many years experience with working with these conditions and who will help create an individual programme for you and give you the tools to help yourself in the process. 

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