Acute and Sports Injury

Injury following a fall or playing sport may result in muscle damage, fracture of a bone or damage to a ligament or tendon.  At Pilates Physiotherapy Cork we have specialist musculoskeletal and sports injury physiotherapists to help.  If you have had a sports , muscle or bone injury, we are here to help.  We are experts in assessing, diagnosing and helping you to manage your injury immediately after it has happened.  We will advise you if an X-ray or scan are necessary.   Following your initial assessment, we will provide you with practical advice based on evidence based research to help you manage your injury.  We provide manual hands-on therapy to help you to move, help decrease pain in the affected area and help you to function normally again.  You will be given an easy to follow exercise program to aid in your recovery.

If you are experiencing pain, bruising, swelling or difficulty with movement following an injury, please call us now.

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