Our solution during Covid…

There’s no vaccine against Covid-19 (yet) but we have been thinking long and hard about how we can inoculate our classes against future lockdowns or tightening restrictions.

We think we have a unique solution to this unique situation we find ourselves in…

Our ‘lockdown proof classes’ are designed to be adaptable to changing Covid-19 restrictions and allow our sessions to continue as scheduled.

So how does this work?…

We’ll be running online classes live from our clinic with the capacity to have some people in the gym with us. We will be adjusting in-clinic numbers regularly in compliance with national guidelines and professional best practice.

So how do you book?…

  1. If you are new to our clinic and classes, please use our Class Assessment Tool to see if you need to book a class screening or physiotherapy consultation first.
  2. Where necessary, book your class screening or physiotherapy consultation using our online booking system
  3. Then, book into an online block of classes
  4. Then, if you wish to attend one or more of the classes in person, book your In-Clinic classes using the links below:

Pilates Fundamentals add-on

Pilates Masters add-on

Ante-Natal Pilates add-on

Post-Natal Pilates add-on

S&C Fitness add-on

While online classes are booked in blocks of four weeks, the ‘In Clinic’ sessions are booked individually as add-ons to your online class. For example, you might only choose to attend one or two ‘In Clinic’ classes during the whole block and attend the rest of the sessions in the comfort (and convenience) of your own home.

Each ‘In Clinic’ add-on is charged at an additional €5 and is allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Please be considerate of others…

Current government guidelines limit indoor gatherings to 6 people.

There is a high demand for in-clinic sessions for some of our classes so we ask that people are considerate of others when booking in-clinic slots.

We ask that you limit your advance booking to one or two in-clinic sessions at the moment. If there are still in-clinic spaces available for your class 24hrs ahead of your class, then please feel free to book more if you would like.