Healthy Ageing Physio
Bone Health Physio

BSc Physiotherapy, Trinity College Dublin (1995) 
Cert in Clinical Exercise, Trinity College Dublin (2016)

10 years in HSE Hospitals, Dublin
1.5 years in retirement facilities in the USA
8 years experience in private practice, Cork

I had quite a bit of experience in physiotherapy before coming to work at Pilates Physiotherapy Cork in 2011. I was lucky enough to work in various different disciplines in my early years which served as a very good foundation for the rest of my career.

I have always had an interest in muscles and bones and how they interact with nerves and other systems in the body. In recent years I have become more aware of how the process of ageing can negatively influence how efficiently all of these body systems interact and perform. It isn’t just ageing that caught my attention, however, it is also how our lifestyle influences that ageing process.

My family, as they get older, has served as a motivator when it comes to pursuing this interest. I see through my parents and my aunts and uncles how maintaining an active, fit, engaged lifestyle contributes to wellbeing and health as the years go by. They are all in their 70s and 80s but none are “elderly”.

As a physiotherapist I know it is not necessarily easy for people to be fit as they age. There are often concurrent health issues, chronic pain, motivation and other commitments to think about. Knowing this, I believe it is hugely important that we, as physiotherapists, help everyone to overcome whatever their personal barriers to exercise are. Removing these will consequently remove the barriers to improving health and wellbeing. In the end, exercise and lifestyle can go a long way towards keeping all of us independent, socially engaged, off the dreaded hospital trolleys and off consultant waiting lists.