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Chronic Pain Physio

BSc Physiotherapy, University College Dublin (2004)

10 years musculo-skeletal in Bons Secours Hospital, Cork
3 years private practice, Cork
2 years in Scotland, Canada and India

My love of movement came from a background of ballet and dance which I started when I was 6, I was always fascinated with ballerinas and the incredible ability of the human body to adapt and perform! I have always been interested in looking at movement and what facilitates it and what blocks it.

My interest in chronic conditions and persistent spinal pain developed over 7 years ago as I felt these were often a “forgotten” or misrepresented group of patients. I enjoy working with patients to primarily restore confidence and positive beliefs in one’s body and in one’s movement which is so important when working with pain. I am passionate about helping women and men with pelvic health issues as there is so much good evidence now regarding exercise and strength training as well as breathing and relaxation.

My approach is one of considering all aspects of the person and their lifestyle and I bring in a lot of mindfulness and pilates and yoga into the treatments which I have found to be of huge benefit to patients.