Postnatal Assessment: Our Mummy NCT

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!

Your body goes through extraordinary changes during pregnancy, but once baby has arrived mums and their postnatal bodies can easily slide to the bottom of the priority list…life is full-on with little people!

A lot of women recover well after pregnancy and child birth; but it is also very common to experience issues such as back, pelvic or hip pain and bladder or bowel problems such as urgency or incontinence. Sometimes returning to sex can be painful and women can have a sense that something is just not right ‘down there’. Not to mention the tummy muscles; weakness or diastasis can also affect women postnatally. Whilst these complaints are all common, you don’t have to just put up with them, as each of these issues can be effectively treated and managed.

Our Women’s Health Chartered Physiotherapists can help you to navigate your own postnatal recovery, by tailoring your rehab to your own individual needs, requirements and goals.

We are happy to see women at any stage postnatally. Whilst some women choose to see us within weeks of giving birth, some mothers come to us after a few months. We have also seen many women years after they have had children. If you have postnatal questions, issues, concerns or goals that you would like to achieve, then it is never too late to book a postnatal assessment with us.