At Pilates Physiotherapy Cork our Chartered Physiotherapists are specialists within their specific areas of interests. With their extensive experience and knowledge base, you can be assured that your individual needs, requirements and goals will be at the centre of your rehab program with us.

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!

Your body goes through extraordinary changes during pregnancy, but once baby has arrived mums and their post natal bodies can easily slide to the bottom of the priority list…life is full-on with little people!

A lot of women recover well after pregnancy and child birth; but it is also very common to experience issues such as back, pelvic or hip pain and bladder or bowel problems such as urgency or incontinence. Sometimes returning to sex can be painful and women can have a sense that something is just not right ‘down there’. Not to mention the tummy muscles; weakness or diastasis can also affect women postnatally. Whilst these complaints are all common, you don’t have to just put up with them, as each of these issues can be effectively treated and managed.

Our Women’s Health Chartered Physiotherapists can help you to navigate your own postnatal recovery, by tailoring your rehab to your own individual needs, requirements and goals.

The ideal time for a postnatal assessment is around 6 weeks after the birth of your baby, but we often work with women who may be several years post-natal…once postnatal, always postnatal…it’s never too late!

Contact us today on info@pilatesphysiocork.ie to arrange your own postnatal assessment.

Are you feeling like the years are catching up on you? Or are you recovering from illness and finding it hard to “get going” again? There are many reasons why we might lose confidence in our physical abilities such as injury, pain and fear.

Getting older does not have to mean becoming frail and more dependent. With the appropriate exercise regime anyone, regardless of age, can improve their physical well being and function. In addition to keeping us independent and strong, exercise can considerably improve all aspects of our health.

A Healthy Ageing Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of your physical well-being and condition by a highly specialised Healthy Ageing Chartered Physiotherapist.

A Healthy Ageing Assessment consists of

  • One and a half hours assessment with a Chartered Physiotherapist who is specialised in Healthy Ageing
  • Assessment of your balance, flexibility, strength and movement relative to other people of your age
  • Discussion of your concerns and setting of appropriate goals for you

Following your assessment you will receive

  • A full report on the findings of your Chartered Physiotherapist
  • A bespoke exercise programme that is appropriate for you
  • Advice on the latest evidence and research into healthy ageing and maintaining long term independence

The cost is €135 for a one and a half hour assessment session and follow-up findings report issued by your Chartered Physiotherapist one to two weeks later.

With our Healthy Ageing Assessment you can get advice on how to incorporate essential and enjoyable exercise into your lifestyle and maintain long-term independence for your future.