Ante-Natal Post-Natal Classes

Please note: There are many benefits to exercising during your pregnancy, although we do recommend that you check with your GP first that you are fit to exercise.

Ante-Natal Classes

There is growing evidence to support the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, especially specific and controlled exercises to help protect the pelvis and spine and improve pelvic floor muscle function (Stuge, 2004 / N.I.C.E. Guidelines, 2006). Ante-Natal Pilates is becoming more popular and at Pilates Physiotherapy Cork, our class numbers are kept small to allow for supervision of technique and safety. Our Ante-Natal Pilates classes’ help mums-to-be maintain and improve their posture, flexibility and general fitness throughout their pregnancy, in a relaxing environment.

Post-Natal Pilates Classes and  Mum-and-Baby Classes

Here we focus on reconditioning the strength and function of the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. We recognise that post-natally there may be many different requirements and considerations, for example post-caesarean section or diastasis recti.

All of our Ante-Natal, Post-Natal and Mum-and-Baby classes are run by suitably qualified Chartered Physiotherapists.