At Pilates Physiotherapy Cork our classes are led by Chartered Physiotherapists who plan and instruct classes based on the needs and goals of each class participant. 

How do we do this? People who attend our classes are either existing patients of ours or if they are new, they have completed a pre-screening process. From the date of your first appointment with us, we keep full Physiotherapy records of each treatment and class that you attend. 

In advance of each class, our Physiotherapists review the notes of each class participant and based on this information, they adapt exercises and plan exercise sequences accordingly. During each class, our Physiotherapists monitor every participant and will tailor instructions for individuals where necessary. 

When you join a class at Pilates Physiotherapy Cork, you can be assured that all the exercises you do are safe and appropriate for you. Your individual needs and goals are our priority.

Everyone who attends our classes must meet our class screening requirements. Please use our Class Assessment Tool to see if you need to book a class screening or physiotherapy consultation.

Please note we cannot allow you into our classes unless you meet these requirements.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is a style of exercise that can be used to enhance our movement awareness and control, flexibility and endurance. As Chartered Physiotherapists we modify and play with these exercises to suit all abilities and physical conditions. We can also use Pilates to build strength, help alleviate or manage pain and symptoms, improve ability and help you to reach your rehab goals.

Our Pilates Fundamentals class is a beginners level class. This class incorporates principles of Pilates that are beneficial for healthy living, including breath and body awareness and an appreciation of different movement patterns. 

Beneficial for:

          • Improving body awareness, coordination and control
          • Improving ability and endurance for day to day living
          • Managing pain or dysfunction 

Suitable For: Everyone regardless of physical fitness, age, ability or previous Pilates experience.

Our Pilates Masters class incorporates more challenging Pilates exercises at an intermediate and advanced level. This class delivers a work out that complements all training regimes.

Beneficial For:

          • Anyone looking to complement their weekly exercise regime with a whole body, movement awareness class
          • Increasing your fitness, strength and ability

Suitable For: Those who want to maintain a higher level of strength, endurance and flexibility.

There is a lot of evidence to support the benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Our Ante-Natal Pilates class helps mums-to-be to maintain and improve flexibility and general fitness throughout pregnancy.

Our classes are led by Chartered Physiotherapists so you can be assured you are exercising in a safe environment.

Beneficial For:

          • Maintaining fitness and muscle tone during your pregnancy
          • Learn how to proactively manage any pregnancy related aches and pains you may experience
          • Learn about the importance of pelvic health during childbearing years

Suitable For: All mums to be.

We strongly recommend that all pregnant women seek clearance to exercise from their GP or Obstetrician.

Finally if you are having twins or triplets please let us know.

Our Post-natal Pilates classes facilitate women getting back to movement, activity and fitness with confidence. In these classes we explore common postpartum issues or topics and create a safe space where women can discuss any concerns or questions they may have. We understand that every woman is unique and every pregnancy and labour is different. Our experienced Chartered Physiotherapists can modify and adapt exercises accordingly to individual needs and requirements. We are passionate about helping women to confidently connect with their body postnatally and realise their goals, ability and potential in a safe, effective and supportive space.

Beneficial For:

          • Learning about how to manage your postnatal recovery and return to fitness
          • Managing pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and other postnatal issues

Suitable For: Mums who are at least 6 weeks post-natal.

Strength & Conditioning Classes

In our Strength & Conditioning classes we use circuits style exercise, cardio-vascular workouts, weight training and functional fitness approaches to build strength, endurance and improve overall well-being. These classes are ideal for those looking to work-out under the close supervision of a Chartered Physiotherapist.

These classes cover principles of strength & conditioning training, cardiovascular exercise and functional fitness work to improve your overall ability and wellbeing. These higher intensity classes are run under the close supervision of our Chartered Physiotherapists.  

Beneficial For:

          • Returning to fitness post-injury, dysfunction or pain
          • Improving strength, fitness and endurance
          • Learning principles of strength and conditioning training, cardiovascular work and functional fitness.

Suitable For: Anyone who wants to improve their fitness with a higher intensity exercise class